My 1st swap reveal

My 1st swap reveal

So here it is. What you couldn’t see in the previous entry was that I’d printed the name and blog name in colour. I used special printer paper that you can iron on your mirror image design onto fabric.


I then appliqued the flowers and stitched the stems. It’s destination?
Catherine at Sewonderfulife.
I’m so glad she likes it!
I really enjoyed my first ever swap too and I’m now looking forward to the Fat Quarterly Retreat.


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  1. Neis iawn! I’ve heard of fabric that you can print directly onto but not one as you’ve described above. What’s it called? Where did you get it? Sorry, twenty questions!

    • Haia Catrin, diolch am ddarllen. Yn arbennig i ti dwi wedi postio cyfarwyddiadau mwy manwl.
      In answer to your question I’ve posted a bit more about the way I printed onto material.
      Catrin x

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