FQR London 2013. Fi/Me

FQR London 2013. Fi/Me

This is me

(Old picture, my hair is much longer now!)

I will be taking these classes:
Friday pm
Katy Jones’ Spring Carnival class. I’ve already bought her templates. I haven’t decided on fabric yet. This will be my forst foray into English Paper Piecing. Wish me luck!

Sat am
Free motion with Trudi Wood. Although sadly I’ll be there with my small old machine. I’m a bit nervous about taking my great heavy Janome 6600 on the tube! She’s very heavy, and there are quite a few steps to climb!
At the moment the actual quilting is my least favourite step in quilt making. I love the piecing and binding. So FMQ, I’m tackling you head on!

Sat pm
Trudi will be sick of me, I’m in her free motion design class too!

Hand quilting with Lu Summers, the designer of the lovely Summersville fabrics. I have bought my needles and some perle cotton from my LQS Tikki in Kew where I pick their brains and get great advice. (It’s also where I did my first ever quilt course).I have also ordered some perle which will be delivered to the retreat via Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting from Ireland. I’ve always admired hand quilting, but never had a proper go.

So who else is going to be there? Have a look! Anyone doing the same classes?

For some other projects I’m planning, I phoned U Handbag for some advice on interfacing yeasterday, and by today my order had arrived! Amazing service, thank you!

And now I’m looking forward to use these lovelies:



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  1. Hand quilting can be fun if you are doing it on a small project, but as I have quilted 3 large quilts by hand, I can say it can be very slow work.
    See you at retreat, although I am not in any of your classes.

  2. I will be joining you at Trudi’s Fmq class. I also did the beginners class as Tikki in 2010, shamefully I still have to sew the binding on the quilt I made!

  3. Look forward to seeing you at the retreat! I’m in 3 of the same classes as you and need to get a move on with prepping all my materials! Eek!

    • Great Cara, look forward to seeing you again. I was right behind you in the queue last year I rember, admiring the bag you made in Joel Dewberry fabrics!

      • I remember now! This year I am staying down there so hoping to have time to chat with everyone! Sorry couldn’t reply to your comment on my blog as you are a no reply comment so I am just taking a couple of FQ’s to FMQ on as I think we will be playing more than anything. I have some old quilt blocks I might take as well to get some ideas on patterns etc. Also doing hand quilting with Lu and not sure what to take to that either! Will probably be other quilt blocks hanging around! See you Friday!

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