Luggage Tags


I decided to have a go at a pattern I have had for a while on my computer Sew Cherie’s duffel bag came with a pattern for luggage tags.


It’s quite fiddly, and I did make a few mistakes with this one. I have cut enough fabric to make eight more, I thought they might be something I’d try snd sell on a craft stall. (I’ve never done anything like that before though, so we’ll see.)


It needed an eyelet so I asked my husband whether he could find his grandad’s old leather working kit.
Here it is:


He was a handbag maker, isn’t it lovely that we can still use it today? In fact I was a little scared to use these but my lovely husband has now given me instruction, so the next one will be done with the old tools.

There’s even straps that he worked on in the box, with beautiful stitching.

And when I finished my hubby said it’s lovely, what is it?!!!!! He thought it was a mobile phone cover. Maybe because of the vinyl on the front. So here it is with an address label in!



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