Maybe I SHOULD be a thread snob

Maybe I SHOULD be a thread snob

During the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London I took some classes with the amazing Trudi Wood. I love her work and her class was a bit like opening a door on the mysteries of free motion quilting. I have dabbled with FMQ in the past, experimented and stumbled in the dark… but after her classes (in FMQ and FMQ design) I am completely confident in going for it! My FMQ is full of mistakes / flaws or “design features” as she might put it, but I feel that it gets easier everytime I sit down and try.

The photo above was done with my proper machine, but during the class I was using (well…wrestling) with my 25 year Jones machine. She wasn’t happy, she was presenting me with huge eyelashes all over my practice sandwich.

I changed needle.
I changed tension.
I adjusted the bobbin tension with a screwdriver.
I rethreaded.
I swore.
I gave up and took a coffee break!
During coffee I was moaning about my frustrations to Cara who suggested that maybe I should change thread completely.
So I went back and rethreaded with Aurifil 50. Now I originally didn’t want to
use my precious Aurifil for these practice sandwiches but look at the difference it made!

It was as if a little fairy had come down to make it all better! Who knew that a change of thread could make that much of a difference?


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  1. And this is why I have so much aurifil now, it never misbehaves for me doing FMQ while everything else does. Welcome to the club.

  2. GENIUS your friend is!! I have the same problem!! Will keep that in mind as I go forward on my current project. I have some lovely blue Aurifil.
    Did you change the bobbin thread to Aurifil also????

  3. Aurifil is the answer. A little more expensive, but so worth it. It makes my dogs happy they don’t have to hide when mom starts yelling.

  4. I have had the same problem on my new bernina 830. I have used embroidery module to do the feather quilting designs. I continued having problem for about 2 weeks, I gave up and used same colour thread top and bobbin. It helped a little but I am still not happy. I will try again when I am more relaxed

  5. I had the same issues with my long arm UNTIL I put in Aurifil — beautiful results!! If it ain’t broke don’t change it! Aurifil all the way!!!!!!!!!! A whoop and a hollar!

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