Sewing Leggings



I followed this great tutorial to copy a pair of leggings for my daughter. Wow, how come it’s taken this long to discover twin needle magic?!

It was really easy and fun, so how hard could it be to make adult ones?

I had a go at drafting my own leggings. I followed this tutorial here one little minute draft your own leggings.

The one thing I found was that the knee was a bit tight, and around calves. I have wide calves, and this drafted pattern didn’t allow for that. But it was a very good fit around the bum (which also a bit wide!)

Then I bought the custom fit Espresso leggings sewing pattern. Honestly, I could have just adjusted the drafted pattern I had, but there’s something comforting about the Espresso instructions and I love the way you fill in the dots on this innovative pattern.

I learnt from my own draft to allow a measurement for my calves and I lengthened the pattern by 2″.
Now I have a great fit. I’ve made 2 pairs for myself. And I can see a few more on the horizon (cycling short, 3/4 length etc).

I made both my pair and my daughters with the sewing machine. I can imagine that making them on the serger would take no time at all!


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  1. That’s so crazy because I just discovered the twin needle too! It’s awesome, and I feel a bit silly thinking all these years that two rows of straight stitches were done seperate lay. Wow lol.

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