Great sewing project for me and my seven year old

Great sewing project for me and my seven year old


I wanted an easy, quick project that I could do with my seven year old daughter. From the Tikki quilting shop in Kew I bought a ready cut bunting kit. I could have easily made my own, but the kit made everything much easier for us.

My daughter sewed the triangles together, we both turned them inside out (she’s now an expert at using the purple thang to make pointy corners), then I ironed them flat.


She pinned them on the binding in the order she wanted them… And then we both shared the final sewing together. (I think she did a lot more than me at actually).


By the end she was sewing confidently and even removing pins without stopping. I made sure I was using aurifil thread, so that we didn’t have any thread breakages… Just uninterrupted sewing!

She got the feel of what speed was comfortable for her and understood how to correct any mistakes. Although to be honest, the only mistakes she made were when I had left the machine on full speed accidentally!

I love the finished bunting, and we have a few triangles left over to put another short bunting on her pink fireplace.

I think this would be great with some space fabrics for my son too.



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      • 🙂 My daughter’s just turned six. We’ve done some basic hand sewing together- sock monkeys- but I haven’t had the confidence to put her on my machine yet, probably because of my own limited confidence but the bunting definitely looks like fun!

  1. Methu aros news bod Anwen (pump) yn ddigon hen i winio ‘da fi! Mae’n edrych fel cawsoch chi spri arani x

  2. So cute! I was just her age when my Mom started letting me use the machine. It’s great that you’re making it fun for her. She will remember it forever!

  3. Great Mother/Daughter project. I have two children (25 years apart!) and neither of them has shown much interest in sewing, to my dismay. My oldest daughter (42) inherited my old sewing machine and has tried fitfully to learn on it. She lives in Atlanta and I live in Baltimore so I am not around to help her learn now. My youngest (18) loves to knit and does some hand sewing but has no interest in the sewing machine. I have a new Bernina 750 QE and her comment was “That’s way to complicated to be a sewing machine.” Keep up the sewing lessons. She will be grateful all her life for the skill.

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