Wavy quilted cushion



I’ve had Jenny Pedigo’s Quick Curve Ruler for absolutely ages, but didn’t even take off the plastic backing paper until the weekend. I love her blog, and admire the quilts she makes with this ruler, so it was about time that this baby got an outing.


I kept it simple and decided to make cushion covers (for a creative quilter I had NO home made items in the lounge). I have sewed curves before and I did find it very quick and easy to do these blocks. My mind is racing now with ideas how to make more cushions with this ruler. I am oficially a fan.

Then I decided on straight line quilting because I love the texture it creates.


Then I tried binding by machine to save time…

20140428-125018.jpg mmmm… made a complete mess of it… and decided to unpick and bind by hand instead…

20140428-125147.jpg aaah! That’s better!

Apparently Lily’s Quilts will be posting a tutorial on machine binding on Thursday. I’m hoping it will help with my clearly rubbish technique!

Can’t stop stroking my new cushion now!



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  1. Lovely pillow!!! The mess with the binding happens to me all the time also – that is the reason for hand sewing! So I will look forward to the tutorial on thursday too 😉

    • Thanks! I actually quite enjoy the hand binding, but would love to be able to do it properly by machine! That mess took me ages to unpick!! Glad I’m not the only one who gets it wrong!

  2. It looks great, love the contrast between the wavy and straight lines. I also handbind because I suck at machine binding. Takes longer, but looks soooo much better…

  3. My first visit to your Blog and I am intrigued by the cushion you’ve made. I love the curves with the straight line stitching and it all comes together beautifully. Having never used a curve ruler before you might just have persuaded me to try it!

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