“Step by step” my first mini quilt

“Step by step” my first mini quilt


This colourful mini quilt top was on my pile of UFOs (unfinished objects) for a very long time.

And now it’s done! I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Add a border? Just square it up and make it into a mini? Use it in a bit of improv slashing? I turned to instagram for help and inspiration, and was encouraged to make it into a mini quilt that will hang above my machine in my sewing corner.

I decided to FMQ swirls, pebbles and a burst of straight lines, and I really like it.

I did a bit of binding whilst the kids had their swimming lesson and also added a hanging sleeve on the back. I used a vintage star fabric from Tula Pink as backing. I love this fabric and saw it first on the back of a display quilt in Libertys of London. The assistant there couldn’t tell me what it was so I made it my mission to find out! Instagram helped, I ordered some online… and when I found that John Lewis were selling this half price I then got some MORE! That’s how much I love it! You can see it in the first montage photo where it shows the sleeve.

These self threading needle are a huge help when you need to bury lots of threads.

It’s now in the wash for some extra crinkle!


And here it is, out of the wash!



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  1. Ti wir yn mynd yn fwy ‘adventurous’ yn dy cwiltio! Rwyf worth fy modd da’r cymysgedd o fmq a slq – effeithiol iawn x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Quilting!! I love spirals too as you saw when you visited my blog and left a lovely comment. I couldn’t reply as you are a ‘no-reply’ blogger, if there is any way you can attach your email to the account you comment through you will get lots of nice email chat from blogs you comment on 🙂
    Great tip about the self threading needles – thanks!!

    • Thanks so much. I wish I could change my no reply status. Unfortunately I can’t seem to do it – something to do with blogger not recognising my wordpress address or something. Very frustrating!

  3. I love this quilt. It looks amazing. You did not sew the whole thing by hand, did you? The combination of bubbles, lines, and swirls as FMQs is such a nice idea! Looking forward to see more of your creations. I haven’t heard about the self-threading needles, too. 😉 Best, Jana


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