Scissors or Shears? What’s the difference?

Scissors or Shears? What’s the difference?

My sewing scissors have disappeared! I’m sure I’ll eventually find them… after they’ve been used on paper or something else that’s sure to ruin them.

So began the journey to find the next pair of (get yer hands off my) SEWING scissors!

I found this pair in John Lewis…


How gorgeous are they? Quite expensive, but I just couldn’t help myself! They were made to celebrate JL’s 150th, and have a traditional print on the handle. I haven’t put them to the test yet.

Of course, for those in the know, these are not scissors, they are shears! Scissors have small holes in the handles for two fingers. Shears, on the other hand, have unequal holes for more than two fingers apparently!

Then OMG! I watched this BBC film and am now coveting a beautiful pair of small scissors from Ernest Wright from Sheffield. Hand made, from one of two traditional UK factories, the quality looks amazing. The price is not cheap, but you’re paying for the craftsmanship and contributing to the survival of a dwindling industry.

(Photo tweeted by Ernest Wright Ltd)

They have had a huge revival in the last year since 2 films were made about the company. Now they have orders from all over the world. It seems that because of this, there’s a bit of a wait for their products. I love that their social media hashtag is #wellworththewait – I have put a small pair on my birthday wishlist (which is ages away… And yes I’m willing to wait for them! )


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  1. I remember borrowing the sewing scissors as a child. Cutting who knows what. I’m in constant fear that this karma will visit upon my scissors sheers cutters and snippers!

  2. I love my Earnest Wrights!
    Hubby bought me a pair of Ernest wrights a few years ago, only they were really stiff to the point of being painful to use, and had a grainy/draggy feel rather than smooth when cutting. I thought it was because they were new and needed “breaking in” however I met one of the current Wrights at the Ally Pally knit and stitch show, and mentioned this – he apologised and told me to choose a pair from the display, then took a fiver from his pocket and said that will more than cover my postage expenses to post back the other pair! Fantastic service, such a rare thing these days!

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