Antique Welsh Quilts

Antique Welsh Quilts

A few days ago I took a trip to see some old Welsh quilts. They are part of Jen Jones’ vast and amazing collection of antique quilts and were on show in the Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter, Wales. 

The ones that took my breath away were the wholecloth quilts. 

Handstitched and beautiful, the one above is from about the 1890s – very similar motifs and designs to a quilt made by Fanny Lewis which is in the Sain Ffagan National History Museum near Cardiff. 

This one above was one of my favourites. You can clearly see how borders were very important in these Welsh quilts, and most traditional designs had some form of medallion in the middle. I love the geometric heart – it looks very modern. It’s possibly 1930s but we don’t know who made it.  


This red wholecloth has the geometric heart in the centre. The circular shapes may well have been done using plates etc. The use of the hearts suggests that it may have been a wedding quilt. 

The names of the women who made these may be lost to history but they continue to inspire. Diolch ferched!

And if you find yourself in that part of the world, make sure you stop at Jen Jones’ cottage. 


It’s full to the brim of vintage and antique quilts and Welsh woolen blankets, four rooms of them for sale. 


It’s an absolute joy to see, thank you for letting me take these photos. Her website is Jen Jones and you’ll find the Welsh Quilt Centre here. 


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