BFG inspired Sophie’s Quilt II


This is my WIP: To make it 99″x 99″ each block is 9″ and the quilt is made up of 10 different blocks

The outside red edge is actually binding, so the outside blocks don’t need that 2nd stripe of red. 

The fabric requirements:

The quilt from the film is scrappier than this I think (although difficult to tell without a photo!). I also think that the outside fabric is much wider. But I’m happy to go with this one as I want one inspired by the movies’ version not a total copy.
Still a work in progress though. Arguably this is far too big, at 99″x 99″. I could shrink all the blocks down to 6″ maybe. (Making it 66″x66″)
Have you seen the film? Did you notice the quilt? Any thoughts / comment welcome!


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  1. Thanks for this! I loved the quilt too and the movie. I’m a big fan of Mark Rylance, who plays the BFG, so I was in heaven. My overall impression was that the fabrics were very Liberty of London-style, and in certain lights the red florals looked quite brownish.

  2. I just watched the bfg this evening and am obsessed with Sophie’s quilt! Thank you so much do this. I have never quilted anything more than a wall hanging, but have been looking for the right pattern. This may just be it!

    • Thank you Melissa. I think the actual pattern might be more complicated that I first noted. A few more rows etc. Every time I watch the film I try to make a note of the quilt. It’s quite a task! Good luck and go for it!

  3. Hey! Just seen the film and this blanket is so beautiful.
    I’m inspired to make one having never made anything before but have you got any books which may help me or videos as I’m
    Totally new to sewing! Love your ideas xxx

    • Thanks Francesca. How about doing a few Craftsy online courses? I find them great classes. I learnt to quilt at my local quilt shop, so can’t recommend beginner books. But there is a wealth on info online, and I have done many Craftsy courses over a few years.

  4. Omg! I am one obsessed with this quilt! I don’t want to duplicate it either, I hope to plan my own version,however, I see yardage and blocks needed, but nothing on how to cut then construct the blocks? I won’t think I would figure it out, any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Chris, sorry for the delay in answering. I’m afraid I don’t have the time to write up a full tutorial at the moment for this. Many good quilting books or online guides might be able to help. If you google half square triangles that might help. The blocks are made up of log cabin type blocks and ones based on half square triangles. Each of the blocks I sketched is 9″ and worked out on an ipad quilting app. Sorry I can’t give you a more detailed answer at the moment.

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