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BFG inspired Sophie’s Quilt II


This is my WIP: To make it 99″x 99″ each block is 9″ and the quilt is made up of 10 different blocks

The outside red edge is actually binding, so the outside blocks don’t need that 2nd stripe of red. 

The fabric requirements:

The quilt from the film is scrappier than this I think (although difficult to tell without a photo!). I also think that the outside fabric is much wider. But I’m happy to go with this one as I want one inspired by the movies’ version not a total copy.
Still a work in progress though. Arguably this is far too big, at 99″x 99″. I could shrink all the blocks down to 6″ maybe. (Making it 66″x66″)
Have you seen the film? Did you notice the quilt? Any thoughts / comment welcome!


BFG Sophie’s quilt

BFG Sophie’s quilt

The Steven Spielberg BFG film is a wonderful feast for the eyes, all the family enjoiyed it when we saw it yesterday. Throughout the film Sophie’s quilt features heavily and it’s beautiful! I just couldn’t help admire and wonder if I could emulate it. 

A bit of googling found that the credits note the quilter was a Susan MacKenzie. She seems to be a film costume maker as far as I can gather… But I can’t find out any more!

Unfortunately I can’t find any photographs of the full quilt… And I’m not the only one, but I have been trying to work out this beauty from the very snatched partial snapshots!
This is what I think it may look like… 

It’s a very rough estimation and is inspired by the film’s quilt rather than a copy!
More workings out to come in Part 2!

Sewing shoes? Yes honestly!


I bought a kit (prym, it contained two espadrille soles) from Tikki in Kew recently  and within a few hours of buying them I had finished one shoe in this crazy Wonder Woman fabric!   

I do need to adjust the fit. I didn’t sew the sides tight enough (and I might add some elastic to the back too to make sure they don’t slip).
They’re a surprisingly easy and quick project. The video that The Makery did on Youtube was very useful to watch too. I’d add that you need to be extra careful you sew through all the layers of fabric where they overlap! I missed a bit of the inner fabric on the first shoe I made. 
All you need to be able to do is a bit of blanket stitch!

I love how you hide the knots within the rope structure of the soles.   

Also you will need a lot of pins! 

I love these, so much fun! My daughter, sister in law and niece have already said they want me to make them a pair!

Baby quilt

Baby quilt

Remember my son complaining about the quilt I was making for my niece? Well here it is:


It’s finished, washed and has crinkled up just as I like it.


Made with charm squares, quilted in straight lines and FMQ with star, heart, swirls and swirly designs. And here’s her name emboidered on the front:


Quilting and piecing with Aurifil thread, embroidered with Perle cotton. Hope she likes it!

Great sewing project for me and my seven year old

Great sewing project for me and my seven year old


I wanted an easy, quick project that I could do with my seven year old daughter. From the Tikki quilting shop in Kew I bought a ready cut bunting kit. I could have easily made my own, but the kit made everything much easier for us.

My daughter sewed the triangles together, we both turned them inside out (she’s now an expert at using the purple thang to make pointy corners), then I ironed them flat.


She pinned them on the binding in the order she wanted them… And then we both shared the final sewing together. (I think she did a lot more than me at actually).


By the end she was sewing confidently and even removing pins without stopping. I made sure I was using aurifil thread, so that we didn’t have any thread breakages… Just uninterrupted sewing!

She got the feel of what speed was comfortable for her and understood how to correct any mistakes. Although to be honest, the only mistakes she made were when I had left the machine on full speed accidentally!

I love the finished bunting, and we have a few triangles left over to put another short bunting on her pink fireplace.

I think this would be great with some space fabrics for my son too.


Another pair of kids leggings



On the serger, my daughter made a second pair of leggings. (Wearing a tiara whilst working of course)

On the serger it all took less than 20min to come together. A bit more for the fiddly elastic casing which I sewed on my sewing machine for her. But all exceptionally quick, and now I have a leggings master pattern for her.
I think we could have made the lower leg tighter, but I quite like that it’s not too tight. We could possibly lower the waist too, but she says it’s fine that high!

Black lycra as she requested! Shiny side out of course!


Now I have a long legged princess who is ready to run at any moment!

(That’s a hair piece by the way!)

Rip off the backing! Go on do it!


This quilt has been languishing in full “baste” for AGES.

I know why, the backing I chose is just not right. After months and months of feeling unhappy about this I have decided to follow my instinct and act on it.

This floral backing is far too loud and too busy for a quilt that is sleeady a riot of colour. In the back of my mind I can see a lovely minimal grey backing with a pieced strip of left over fabrics.

So I’ll soon be taking the plunge and “unbasting” (is there such a word?) the monster quilt and starting again with a new calm backing. I love the front, so I need a back that I will also love.

Version 2 luggage tag



Version 2 is better (without my mistake of sewing the vinyl on the wrong way!)

I am going to try and modify the design quite a bit on the next one, but keeping the same dimensions. It’s a big luggage tag, but I quite like that.

It was great to be able to have a very continental breakfast outside yesterday! – thanks to a thoughtful husband!

Luggage Tags


I decided to have a go at a pattern I have had for a while on my computer Sew Cherie’s duffel bag came with a pattern for luggage tags.


It’s quite fiddly, and I did make a few mistakes with this one. I have cut enough fabric to make eight more, I thought they might be something I’d try snd sell on a craft stall. (I’ve never done anything like that before though, so we’ll see.)


It needed an eyelet so I asked my husband whether he could find his grandad’s old leather working kit.
Here it is:


He was a handbag maker, isn’t it lovely that we can still use it today? In fact I was a little scared to use these but my lovely husband has now given me instruction, so the next one will be done with the old tools.

There’s even straps that he worked on in the box, with beautiful stitching.

And when I finished my hubby said it’s lovely, what is it?!!!!! He thought it was a mobile phone cover. Maybe because of the vinyl on the front. So here it is with an address label in!


Print on Fabric using your home printer tutorial

Print on Fabric using your home printer tutorial

Catrin (what a great name!) asked me about the paper I used to make print on fabric so I thought I’d show you how I did it.
The paper was bought from Ebay, and it’s transfer paper for inkjet printers. You can use it for T shirt printong too.


You create your design in your word processor and then, here’s the crucial part, print in MIRROR IMAGE. It’s one of the advanced printer settings you can choose.
Don’t forget to switch that feature off when you are finished!

Then iron onto your fabric and peel back the backing paper. This is one of the other designs I tried out for Catherine’s nametag. I also printed lots of small labels with my name on, and have ironed those onto the cotton webbing that you see in the pic. Those are my little quilt labels. I also used them for tags on pouches I made for the teachers last Christmas. How easy is that?