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BFG inspired Sophie’s Quilt III

BFG inspired Sophie’s Quilt III

I have now written up a bit more information on the blocks for sophie’s quilt and am happy if anyone wants to download it.  (this is for the 99″ x 99″ quilt… which is big) The other posts on this can be found here BFG Sophie’s quilt and BFG inspired Sophie’s Quilt II. I love that one reader has already made a version and found my workings useful – Susan’s quilt is absolutely beautiful and you can have a look here, fantastic work!




Comox Trunks Prize Announcement and Parade


WOW! I won the Comox giveaway! So excited! I cam see more underpants in my future (IYKWIM!)

Thread Theory

sew along poster-01 Drumroll please…..

And the winner of our Comox Trunks Sew-Along Contest is: Catrinmanel of I’d Rather Sew! Congratulations!  I’ll be sending her our Comox Trunks prize pack straight away 🙂

I'd rather sew...

Her entry was chosen at random by gathering all entries (both through email and through comments on the sew-along posts), using a random number generator, and then counting down the list of entries.  People who submitted multiple pairs of Comox Trunks were only counted once.  Here’s proof of the randomness in case you need it! :P:

random number

I wish I could have given a prize to everyone as Matt and I were really pleased with how many entries there were and how enthusiastic you all were about the contest!  Now, for your viewing pleasure, here is a parade of the Comox Trunks you submitted!  The numbers correspond to links provided in a list at the bottom:


  1. No More Heroes Anymore
  2. Sakiko…

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Sewing Leggings



I followed this great tutorial to copy a pair of leggings for my daughter. Wow, how come it’s taken this long to discover twin needle magic?!

It was really easy and fun, so how hard could it be to make adult ones?

I had a go at drafting my own leggings. I followed this tutorial here one little minute draft your own leggings.

The one thing I found was that the knee was a bit tight, and around calves. I have wide calves, and this drafted pattern didn’t allow for that. But it was a very good fit around the bum (which also a bit wide!)

Then I bought the custom fit Espresso leggings sewing pattern. Honestly, I could have just adjusted the drafted pattern I had, but there’s something comforting about the Espresso instructions and I love the way you fill in the dots on this innovative pattern.

I learnt from my own draft to allow a measurement for my calves and I lengthened the pattern by 2″.
Now I have a great fit. I’ve made 2 pairs for myself. And I can see a few more on the horizon (cycling short, 3/4 length etc).

I made both my pair and my daughters with the sewing machine. I can imagine that making them on the serger would take no time at all!

Comox Trunks Sew-along: Schedule and Prize Photos


I never make anything for my husband. So I’ve added this to my to do list (ordered my elastic aready):

Thread Theory

I’ve made up the schedule for the Comox Trunks Sew-Along and also a page on our blog side bar where you will be able to access all the posts indefinitely.  Even though the Comox Trunks take very little time to sew, I’ve stretched out the posts to include no more than half an hour of sewing per post so that new or busy sewers won’t be intimidated.  I hope these dates work for you and that you are looking forward to joining us!

  1. April 4th: Choosing your fabric and elastic
  2. April 6th: Picking a size and ideas for customizing (lengthen the legs, enlarge the front cup, create narrower legs, or remove the right exit fly)
  3. April 8th: Cutting out your fabric and preparing your machine
  4. April 1oth: Sewing the trunks front
  5. April 12th: Sewing the trunks back
  6. April 14th: Hemming the trunks
  7. April 16th: Attaching the elastic waistband (or adding…

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Weekend Project – The Quillow


I love this idea, had to reblog as I’m planning a quillow now for the children. What a great camping quilt for our summer hols.

Check out Amy’s original blog. Lots of lovely projects.

Purls and Polka Dots


This weekend saw a lot of time dedicated to making a Quillow. Possibly one of the greatest things ever to be invented, a quilt that folds into a pillow (I know right? It’s amazing I tell you) is the most snuggly and treasured gift to give. Each one is a labour of love, but are so darn worth it. We call the ones in our house the ‘sleep makers’ because they are impossible to stay awake under… Impossible.

The original tutorial I used was from the wonderful Nova at ‘A Cuppa and A Catch up‘ with this detailed and easy to follow tutorial.


Since then I’ve branched out and tried other quilt top patterns. If you stick with a square block top pattern you can use the above tutorial no-sweat. If you’re trying something different, then just sewing a pocket on the back and lining one side with polar-fleece…

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