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Sewing shoes? Yes honestly!


I bought a kit (prym, it contained two espadrille soles) from Tikki in Kew recently  and within a few hours of buying them I had finished one shoe in this crazy Wonder Woman fabric!   

I do need to adjust the fit. I didn’t sew the sides tight enough (and I might add some elastic to the back too to make sure they don’t slip).
They’re a surprisingly easy and quick project. The video that The Makery did on Youtube was very useful to watch too. I’d add that you need to be extra careful you sew through all the layers of fabric where they overlap! I missed a bit of the inner fabric on the first shoe I made. 
All you need to be able to do is a bit of blanket stitch!

I love how you hide the knots within the rope structure of the soles.   

Also you will need a lot of pins! 

I love these, so much fun! My daughter, sister in law and niece have already said they want me to make them a pair!


Fabric Treasure!

Fabric Treasure!

Just found some Liberty tana lawn – Greyson Perry Cranford pink
for £6.50/metre!


Bought quite a bit of it!

I’m thinking about a shirt / blouse, pillows and or pouch.
Maybe I should have bought the bolt at that price!

Rip off the backing! Go on do it!


This quilt has been languishing in full “baste” for AGES.

I know why, the backing I chose is just not right. After months and months of feeling unhappy about this I have decided to follow my instinct and act on it.

This floral backing is far too loud and too busy for a quilt that is sleeady a riot of colour. In the back of my mind I can see a lovely minimal grey backing with a pieced strip of left over fabrics.

So I’ll soon be taking the plunge and “unbasting” (is there such a word?) the monster quilt and starting again with a new calm backing. I love the front, so I need a back that I will also love.

Print on Fabric using your home printer tutorial

Print on Fabric using your home printer tutorial

Catrin (what a great name!) asked me about the paper I used to make print on fabric so I thought I’d show you how I did it.
The paper was bought from Ebay, and it’s transfer paper for inkjet printers. You can use it for T shirt printong too.


You create your design in your word processor and then, here’s the crucial part, print in MIRROR IMAGE. It’s one of the advanced printer settings you can choose.
Don’t forget to switch that feature off when you are finished!

Then iron onto your fabric and peel back the backing paper. This is one of the other designs I tried out for Catherine’s nametag. I also printed lots of small labels with my name on, and have ironed those onto the cotton webbing that you see in the pic. Those are my little quilt labels. I also used them for tags on pouches I made for the teachers last Christmas. How easy is that?




1. Gabardine for red trench coat. (McCall’s 5525). Bought from Abakhan

2. Jersey bought on impulse for t shirt

3. Jersey for Vogue V1179 dress.

4. Animal print jersey for dress (Simplicity 3503 view F without contrast waistband, and black neckband). From Ditto Fabric

5. Beautiful drapey jersey fabric for dress (v1179 again). This one is in progress now.