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Quilt as You Go

Quilt as You Go

For the Riley Blake Challenge run by the Modern Quilt Guild I decided to try QAYG for the first time. 

 I really loved how relaxing it was as a technique. I’ll definitely give this a go again. Pehaps starting with a smaller center piece. 

After finishing a square panel I turned it into a simple cushion. 


It’s not a combination of colours I’d chose usually – much more muted than my usual choice but I think it’s really calming and attractive. 

Now where to put it?!



Wavy quilted cushion



I’ve had Jenny Pedigo’s Quick Curve Ruler for absolutely ages, but didn’t even take off the plastic backing paper until the weekend. I love her blog, and admire the quilts she makes with this ruler, so it was about time that this baby got an outing.


I kept it simple and decided to make cushion covers (for a creative quilter I had NO home made items in the lounge). I have sewed curves before and I did find it very quick and easy to do these blocks. My mind is racing now with ideas how to make more cushions with this ruler. I am oficially a fan.

Then I decided on straight line quilting because I love the texture it creates.


Then I tried binding by machine to save time…

20140428-125018.jpg mmmm… made a complete mess of it… and decided to unpick and bind by hand instead…

20140428-125147.jpg aaah! That’s better!

Apparently Lily’s Quilts will be posting a tutorial on machine binding on Thursday. I’m hoping it will help with my clearly rubbish technique!

Can’t stop stroking my new cushion now!


Baby quilt

Baby quilt

Remember my son complaining about the quilt I was making for my niece? Well here it is:


It’s finished, washed and has crinkled up just as I like it.


Made with charm squares, quilted in straight lines and FMQ with star, heart, swirls and swirly designs. And here’s her name emboidered on the front:


Quilting and piecing with Aurifil thread, embroidered with Perle cotton. Hope she likes it!

Celebrating a long awaited finish!


My big pink quilt is finished and I just love it!

Cwilt Mawr Pinc 2

I had it basted for over a year (not kidding) and the backing was really bugging me, it was too much for the quilt. So I took off the flowery backing that you can see in this post, instead I made my first pieced backing in greys and a row of the same prints as the quilt top.

Cefn y cwilt mawr pinc

After this year’s Fat Quarterly Retreat i felt brave enough to tackle FMQ on this huge beauty too. Thanks Trudi for the instruction in that class – it made a huge difference to me. Of course, I used Aurifil 50wt thread too after seeing how it behaved in that class. I didn’t have one thread breakage!

Cefn y cwiltio

Now i’m new at this FMQ, so this quilt is full of rookie mistakes and flaws. I probably shouldn’t have used red on the back. It would have been much better to have have a dark grey matching thread – my flaws wouldn’t have been so visible! But I was a bit nervous of using different threads in the top and bottom. I shouldn’t have been. Next time I will take more care whilst considering the colour of the bobbin thread.


There’s build up of thread, overshooting my line etc etc…. but do you know what… I STILL love this, and it has pride of place on our bed.

Is it weird to have a “favourite bit” of the quilt – do others have this too? Well mine is the very small pebble bit at the corners of the light blue sashing. Did I say I’m new at FMQ… I kept my dodgy pebbling to a minimum!!

Fy hoff ran o'r cwilt

So there she is – she’s big, she’s bold, she’s not perfect but she’s flippin’ marvellous! I’m so proud of her.

Cwilt Mawr Pinc

Pattern and most of the fabrics are Kaffe Fassett.

Maybe I SHOULD be a thread snob

Maybe I SHOULD be a thread snob

During the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London I took some classes with the amazing Trudi Wood. I love her work and her class was a bit like opening a door on the mysteries of free motion quilting. I have dabbled with FMQ in the past, experimented and stumbled in the dark… but after her classes (in FMQ and FMQ design) I am completely confident in going for it! My FMQ is full of mistakes / flaws or “design features” as she might put it, but I feel that it gets easier everytime I sit down and try.

The photo above was done with my proper machine, but during the class I was using (well…wrestling) with my 25 year Jones machine. She wasn’t happy, she was presenting me with huge eyelashes all over my practice sandwich.

I changed needle.
I changed tension.
I adjusted the bobbin tension with a screwdriver.
I rethreaded.
I swore.
I gave up and took a coffee break!
During coffee I was moaning about my frustrations to Cara who suggested that maybe I should change thread completely.
So I went back and rethreaded with Aurifil 50. Now I originally didn’t want to
use my precious Aurifil for these practice sandwiches but look at the difference it made!

It was as if a little fairy had come down to make it all better! Who knew that a change of thread could make that much of a difference?

Rip off the backing! Go on do it!


This quilt has been languishing in full “baste” for AGES.

I know why, the backing I chose is just not right. After months and months of feeling unhappy about this I have decided to follow my instinct and act on it.

This floral backing is far too loud and too busy for a quilt that is sleeady a riot of colour. In the back of my mind I can see a lovely minimal grey backing with a pieced strip of left over fabrics.

So I’ll soon be taking the plunge and “unbasting” (is there such a word?) the monster quilt and starting again with a new calm backing. I love the front, so I need a back that I will also love.

Luggage Tags


I decided to have a go at a pattern I have had for a while on my computer Sew Cherie’s duffel bag came with a pattern for luggage tags.


It’s quite fiddly, and I did make a few mistakes with this one. I have cut enough fabric to make eight more, I thought they might be something I’d try snd sell on a craft stall. (I’ve never done anything like that before though, so we’ll see.)


It needed an eyelet so I asked my husband whether he could find his grandad’s old leather working kit.
Here it is:


He was a handbag maker, isn’t it lovely that we can still use it today? In fact I was a little scared to use these but my lovely husband has now given me instruction, so the next one will be done with the old tools.

There’s even straps that he worked on in the box, with beautiful stitching.

And when I finished my hubby said it’s lovely, what is it?!!!!! He thought it was a mobile phone cover. Maybe because of the vinyl on the front. So here it is with an address label in!


FQR London 2013. Fi/Me

FQR London 2013. Fi/Me

This is me

(Old picture, my hair is much longer now!)

I will be taking these classes:
Friday pm
Katy Jones’ Spring Carnival class. I’ve already bought her templates. I haven’t decided on fabric yet. This will be my forst foray into English Paper Piecing. Wish me luck!

Sat am
Free motion with Trudi Wood. Although sadly I’ll be there with my small old machine. I’m a bit nervous about taking my great heavy Janome 6600 on the tube! She’s very heavy, and there are quite a few steps to climb!
At the moment the actual quilting is my least favourite step in quilt making. I love the piecing and binding. So FMQ, I’m tackling you head on!

Sat pm
Trudi will be sick of me, I’m in her free motion design class too!

Hand quilting with Lu Summers, the designer of the lovely Summersville fabrics. I have bought my needles and some perle cotton from my LQS Tikki in Kew where I pick their brains and get great advice. (It’s also where I did my first ever quilt course).I have also ordered some perle which will be delivered to the retreat via Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting from Ireland. I’ve always admired hand quilting, but never had a proper go.

So who else is going to be there? Have a look! Anyone doing the same classes?

For some other projects I’m planning, I phoned U Handbag for some advice on interfacing yeasterday, and by today my order had arrived! Amazing service, thank you!

And now I’m looking forward to use these lovelies:


My 1st swap reveal

My 1st swap reveal

So here it is. What you couldn’t see in the previous entry was that I’d printed the name and blog name in colour. I used special printer paper that you can iron on your mirror image design onto fabric.


I then appliqued the flowers and stitched the stems. It’s destination?
Catherine at Sewonderfulife.
I’m so glad she likes it!
I really enjoyed my first ever swap too and I’m now looking forward to the Fat Quarterly Retreat.

Fat Quarterly Retreat Name Tags

Fat Quarterly Retreat Name Tags

I’ve taken part in my first swap. It was for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London in a few weeks. My secret partner made me a fab name tag badge. I mentioned that I love colour, and it’s just bursting with adorable mini rainbow pieces.


Thank you Kelly from Jeliquilts.

I’ve also sent mine off for my partner, but I can’t show you the finished object, that would give the game away, so here’s a sneak preview.


A few works in progress

A few works in progress

This is a quilt top made during the Fat Quarterly Retreat last year: Jelly Roll Challenge FQR 2012

This was made when we were being assessed for adoption. Since then, we have welcomed two children into our lives. For the back of this one, my son’s, I decided to incorporate a playmat for a bit of fun.


And a girl’s quilt for my daughter:


which also has a playmat (a “doll’s house” ) on the back.


I need to finish the quilting (a LOT of unpicking has been going on) and bind both.

And yes, my kids are helping to show off these quilts!

A few finishes

A few finishes


Finished this reversible bag in a few hours. Great pattern by verypurpleperson – it’s basically 4 identical pieces, a few darts and voila!

Here it is.


The fabrics are gorgeous, bought from Tikki in Kew when I went shopping for binding and backing material for the baby quilt below!

The TV sewing bee spurred me on to finish this quilt and now I can’t stop sewing!



I went to the NEC Festival of quilts this year and was quite reserved in my spending. But one of the things I did buy was a curvemaster sewing foot. I fancied trying my hand at a drunkard’s path quilt. I have to say I’ve never sewn patchwork curves before! And… I’ve found it’s really satisfying!

I also bought a roller to use on the curved seam, instead of ironing. I hated it, much prefer to use an iron. But the little foot and tweezers make sewing curves without pinning a breeze! Who enjoys pinning?!
I’ve started this quilt top with a spare Moda Dilly Dally 5″ charm square pack I had. My blocks are 4″ size, and I managed to squeeze out an outer and inner curve out of each 5″ square piece.